US Department of Defense denies attack on military convoy in Diwaniya


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SULAIMANI — US Department of Defense denied on Sunday (July 12) that gunmen targeted trucks carrying US military equipment in al-Qadisiyyah governorate on Saturday evening.

“The ministry is not aware of any attack that targeted American interests in Iraq, particularly in the Diwaniya Region and its surroundings, as stated in some media reports,” the Pentagon said in a statement.

On Saturday night, local media reported that at least three vehicles “carrying American equipment” and supplies were set on fire by unidentified gunmen on the road between Diwnaiya and Samawa.

According to those reports, gunmen travelling in a pickup truck forced the logistical military convoy to stop, took the drivers out of the vehicles, burned the vehicles, and fled to an unknown location. The drivers were reportedly taken to Diwaniya Police Station in order to give a witness statement. 

(NRT Digital Media)