Iraqi PM Kadhimi takes steps to exert control over border crossings

Sends force to Diyala’s al-Munthiriya

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SULAIMANI — Iraq’s Rapid Response Forces said on Friday (July 10) said that Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi had ordered them to take control of al-Munthiriya border crossing in Diyala governorate under the supervision of the federal Ministry of Interior.

Kadhimi has made reasserting state control over the country’s border crossings a priority, saying that the current situation robs the state of financial resources and encourages smuggling and corruption.

The prime minister himself later visited the Mandili border crossing.

Militias and tribes in central and southern Iraq and the ruling political parties in the Kurdistan Region exert a high degree of control over customs procedures at the checkpoints in their areas of influence, which allows them to capture financial benefits for themselves.

Earlier, prime ministerial spokesperson Ahmed Talal said that senior officials in the federal government have continued to hold meetings with officials at the border crossings.

(NRT Digital Media)