Iraq foreign ministry objects to inclusion on EU list of countries with risk for money laundry, terrorist financing


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SULAIMANI — A spokesperson for the federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Wednesday (July 8) that foreign minister has sent a letter to the European counterparts urging them to reject a decision by the European Union Commission to include Iraq on the list of high-risk countries for money laundry and terrorist financing.

Foreign ministry’s spokesperson Ahmed al-Sahat said that Minister Fuad Hussein assured his counterparts in the letter that “over the years, Iraq has implemented important laws and procedures in order to combat money laundry, terrorist financing, and alleviate the risks associated with it.”

“The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) report indicated that AML/CFT safeguards in Iraq are strong and well-established,” the statement added.

In January, anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International ranked Iraq, including the Kurdistan Region, 162nd out of 180 countries on its 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index.

(NRT Digital Media)