Testing missile interceptor by US in Baghdad is unacceptable: deputy speaker


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SULAIMANI — Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives Hassan al-Kaabi said on Saturday (July 4) that it was not acceptable for the US to test a missile interceptor at the US embassy in Baghdad.

“The federal government should take strict steps to halt those movements and activities that provoke the feelings of Iraqi people,” al-Kaabi said in a statement.

“The move by US embassy in Baghdad is unacceptable and is another confrontation against the country and moves into the frame of provocation and illegal movements by US in Iraq,” he added.

The Shia politician’s criticism came after the US reportedly conducted a live-fire test of the system, which is designed to bring down rockets such as those that are routinely fired on Baghdad’s Green Zone by militias within the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF).

Al-Kaabi argued that firing with the excuse of testing an air defense system was contrary to international law and diplomatic principles.

Early on Sunday morning, a rocket was fired at the Green Zone, but did not hit the embassy. However, it wounded a child and damaged a house when it landed.

(NRT Digital Media)