Teenager dies after self-immolating in Sulaimani’s Sarkarey


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SULAIMANI — The Sulaimani Police Directorate said on Saturday (July 4) that a 16-year-old boy died in Sulaimani’s Sarkarey neighborhood after self-immolating, the second such death in under a week.

Sulaimani Police Directorate Spokesperson Sarkawt Ahmad told NRT Digital Media that the teenager set himself on fire near where he worked as a mechanic’s apprentice.

Ahmed said that the boy was motivated by financial troubles.

Last December, a man died after setting himself on fire in Ranya as a part of a dispute with the local government over land.

On June 17, a vendor doused himself in gasoline outside the Halabja government offices, but was prevented from lighting the fire by by-standers. Last Monday, a man fatally self-immolated in Sulaimani’s Bakhi Gshti park.

While stories of men self-immolating in the Kurdistan Region often attract more police and media attention, it is a common way for local women to attempt suicide.

According to official government statistics published last autumn, 81 women burned themselves in the first nine months of 2019. An additional 125 women were burned by others.

(NRT Digital Media)