With summer heat taking hold, protest in Bazian against power supply problems

Demonstrators say government broke promises
Protest in Bazian against power supply problems (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — As the summer heat begins to take hold, residents of Bazian district in Sulaimani governorate protested on Saturday (July 4) because of problems with the electricity supply to the area.

The protesters told NRT reporter Karzan Tariq that the government had promised residents that it would provide 24-hour electricity and had reduced the number of amperes provided to twenty in order to make that happen.

Nevertheless, residents still only get electricity for half the day, sometimes less.

“Due to the bad quality of electricity, we have lost all the lights, TV, and electronic equipment at our house. We have sick people and we cannot bear this situation without proper electricity,” said another protester.

The protesters said that the electricity supply was all the more important since they were staying at home because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Located just west of Sulaimani city, Banian is home to more than 150 factories, producing concrete, steel, and other industrial products.

Blackouts and poor electricity supply are common in the Kurdistan Region, with the government routinely promising to increase output to keep up with surging demand, especially during the summer and winter.

(NRT Digital Media)