Three Gorran lawmakers decline parliamentary pensions

Change Movement (Gorran) lawmakers Shirin Amin, Ali Hama Salih, and Shayan Askari (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — Change Movement (Gorran) lawmakers Ali Hama Salih, Shirin Amin, and Shayan Askari on Tuesday (January 21) sent a letter to the speaker officially declining their parliamentary pensions.

Salih, Askari, and Amin said that they will forego their pensions and return to their previous jobs once their period in the parliament ends.

Several other MPs, including at least four New Generation lawmakers and one lawmaker from Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), have also declined their pensions, citing their right to do so under the recently-passed pension reform bill.

The legislation passed on Thursday with 89 votes in favor, despite protests from activists and opposition parties who said that it primarily benefits senior government officials at the expense of ordinary government workers and people dependent on government social services.

(NRT Digital Media)