Iraqi foreign ministry to open document processing office in Sulaimani

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SULAIMANI — Director of the Sulaimani Passport Directorate Salar Abdulla has said that a document processing office will soon be opened in Sulaimani for residents of the Kurdistan Region to conduct business related to the federal foreign ministry, eliminating a trip to Baghdad for many routine procedures.

Abdulla told NRT Digital Media on Monday (January 20) that delegations from the ministry had twice come to Sulaimani to prepare to open the office.

“The office will be opened after the Iraqi foreign minister returns from Davos,” Abdulla said.

“Approximately 150 people from the Region used to have to travel to Baghdad’s Green Zone on daily bases to conduct the dealings related to the Iraqi foreign ministry.”

“From now on, those operations can be finished in half an hour in Sulaimani,” he added.

(NRT Digital Media)