Residents of village near Ranya protest against lack of services, electricity

Latest protest as winter sets in, heating needed
residents of the Qarani village in Ranya protesting and blocking the Sulaimani-Erbil road on Friday December 13, 2019 (NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI — The residents of Qarani village in Ranya protested on Friday (December 13) about the lack of services or reliable electricity in the area.

NRT Digital Media reporter in Ranya Khalid Mohammed said that the protesters blocked the roads leading to Koya, Erbil, and Sulaimani, burning tires and demanding that the mayor come and speak with them.

Angry residents have protested in several cities and towns across the Kurdistan Region so far this winter. They want the government increase the number of hours of electricity it provides per day and to distribute kerosene rations, which are needed to fuel heaters during the cold mountain winters.

(NRT Digital Media)