Member of family from Halabja that was drugged, burned in Iran dies


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SULAIMANI — A woman who was drugged and burned in Iran alongside her husband and mother died on Tuesday (December 10), an NRT reporter has said.

The woman traveled to Urmia last week along with her mother and husband for medical treatment. According to the family, a group of Iranians drugged the husband and wife and stabbed the mother. They then took them to a deserted area and burned them.

NRT Digital Media reporter Wrya Hama Karim said the woman died of her injuries on Tuesday morning at a hospital in Urmia.

The Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) Representative to Iran Nazim Dabagh said on Monday that eleven people were arrested for the attempted murder of the family. With the death, the charges are likely to be expanded to include murder.

“Three of the perpetrators are the main suspects,” Dabagh said. “Investigations into the incident by the Iranian security forces are ongoing.”

The man and his mother-in-law were said to be in stable condition.

(NRT Digital Media)