Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to delay party congress to December 21: reports


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SULAIMANI — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Leadership Council has delayed its party congress by two weeks, setting December 21 as the new start date.

The PUK Leadership Council made the decision during a meeting in Sulaimani city on Thursday (December 5), according to party-affiliated media.

The congress had been scheduled to start on December 7, but instead there will be a conference of the party's ten local branches on December 9 and the congress will now begin on December 21.

NRT Digital Media reporter Ihsan Sabir said a number of PUK members and cadres gathered outside the PUK Politburo's office to protest the delay.

Journalists were prevented from covering the protest.

The PUK Central Council said in a statement on Wednesday that the congress should not be delayed and must be held this month.

The PUK has not held an all-party congress since 2010 and plans to hold one have been put off for years, amid fears that it would prompt infighting within the notoriously factional party.

It will be the first since the illness and death of long-time party leader Jalal Talabani.

(NRT Digital Media)