Kurdistan Region marks 6th anniversary of Kawa Garmiani’s assassination

Three events will be held to commemorate journalist's memory
Commemoration Ceremony of Kawa Garmiani / NRT Digital Media

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SULAIMANI — Family and friends of journalist Kawa Garmiani marked the sixth anniversary of his assassination on Thursday (December 5) with graveside commemorations.

The day's events began with a wreath-laying ceremony, which was attended by members of his family, journalists, and civil activists.

“We will never stop searching for the person who killed Kawa Garmiani,” Kawa’s brother Karwan Ahmed told NRT Digital Media.

“We have obtained new information and we are waiting to confirm it, which we will announce to the media later,” Garmiani’s brother said.

NRT Digital Media reporter Hersh Qadir said that after the gathering began the security forces attempted to seize the equipment of NRT staff covering the event. but were prevented by other activists and journalists.

Kawa Garmiani was shot dead on December 5, 2013 in Kalar in southern Sulaimani governorate. He worked as a journalist and was known for his investigations into corruption.

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan military commander Mahmoud Sangawi was cleared by a local court in 2015 of having ordered Garmiani's murder. During the case, audio recordings emerged of Sangawi threatening the journalist, but he was nevertheless acquitted.

There are currently at least 25 unpunished murders of journalists in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

CPJ specifically identified cameraman Arkan Sharifi and reporters Sardasht Osman and Soran Mama Hama, who all worked for Kurdish publications.

Other Kurdish journalists not included on their list are Garmiani and Wadat Hussain.

In December 2018, Reporters Without Borders (RSF) called on Erbil and Baghdad to reopen the investigation into the murder of Garmiani.

(NRT Digital Media)

This story was updated on December 6.