Three government officials killed in Diyala during social dispute


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SULAIMANI – Three federal government officials were shot and killed as part of a social dispute in Diyala governorate on Thursday (October 24), according to Deputy Governor Karim Ali.

“Someone killed the director of Abi Saida district, Haris Rubayi, after inviting him for lunch,” Ali said in a statement.

“After the incident, fighting broke out between the Humiri and Rubayi tribes in the sub-district. Subsequently, the head of  the [Abu Saida sub-district] council Saad Alsriwi and the director of the passport directorate in the city were both killed.”

Ali said that the situation in the city remained tense and had not yet been controlled.

“There is heavy fighting between members of the two tribes,” he added.

The roads leading from or to al-Miqdadiyah and Wajihia have been closed.

Abi Sida is a sub-district in Diyala governorate, approximately 30 kilometers northeast of Bqubah city. The area is home to a diverse population of ethnic Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen.

The governorate itself has seen high levels of violence over the past year from Islamic State remnants.

(NRT Digital Media)