US was in Rojava for its benefits, not for protecting Kurds: Salih Muslim

Spokesperson for the Democratic Union Party (YPD) Salih Muslim speaks to NRT Tawtwe interview program on Sunday, October 20, 2019. (Photo Credit: NRT Digital Media)

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SULAIMANI – Spokesperson for the Democratic Union Party (YPD) Salih Muslim said that US was in northeastern Syria for its policies and interests not for protecting the Kurds.

During an interview with NRT Tawtwte program on Sunday, (October 20), Muslim said that “The wounded in East Kurdistan indicates that Turkey has used prohibited weapons” in its offensive backed by its allied Syrian rebel forces.

“Turkey hopes no Kurds would remain, not only in Syria but also in the world. It wants to occupy other cities in Rojava like Afrin,” Muslim continued

“We are calling on the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) and Syrian [government] forces to preserve the borders.”

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) rolled back from Ras al-Ayn city in northeastern Syria on Sunday (October 20), the head of the Press Office Mustafa Bali said.

“As part of the agreement to pause militaty operations with Turkey with American mediaition. Today, we have evacuated the city of Ras Al-Ain from all SDF fighters. We don't have any more fighters in the city,” Bali tweeted on Sunday (October 20).

The US and Turkey signed a ceasefire agreement on Thursday. Under its terms, the SDF would withdraw from within 20 miles of the Turkish border and the US would not impose any further sanctions on Ankara.

(NRT Digital Media)