Anyone behind KDP office shooting will be punished, says minister

The KRG Minister of Interior Rebar Ahmad (KRG Website)

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 SULAIMANI —  Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Minister of Interior Rebar Ahmed said on Saturday (September 21) that any party or person who is found to be behind a shooting incident at the Kurdistan Democratic Party’s (KDP) Fourth Branch office in Sulaimani city will be taken to court and punished.

“Anyone who acts contrary to the law and disrespects political offices, then he is against the KRG and anyone behind it will be punished,” Ahmed said.

On Friday morning, I identified gunman fired several rounds at the KDP office in the city center.

That evening, the offices of the PUK’s Committee 4 and Committee 5 were fired upon in apparent retribution.

No one was hurt in either incident.

The shootings came after senior member of the PUK’s Politburo Mahmoud Sangawi was prevented from entering Erbil at a checkpoint on September 19.

Regarding that incident Ahmed avoided laying blame on the KDP, which controls the checkpoint where Sangawai was stopped, or the party’s leadership, but sought to placate PUK demands for an explanation.

“The incident did not have any involvement from anyone and will be solved, we have a deep understanding with the parties” he added about the Sangawi incident.

Ahmed is a member of the KDP.

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