US ambassador to Iraq assures people that Mosul Dam is safe

US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller and Iraqi Ministry of Water Resources Jamal al-Adili are seen at Mosul Dam west of Nineveh along with three US servicemen on Sunday, Sunday, June 16, 2019 (Photo Credit: US Embassy Facebook page)

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SULAIMANI – Recently-arrived US Ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tueller said on Sunday (June 16) that Mosul Dam poses no danger to people and that they will benefit from the water of its reservoir.

Tueller said in a statement that the dam had been repaired by US Army Corps of Engineers and Italian company Trevi to shore up its foundation.

"In this summer, a team from the Iraqi ministry of water resources will be trained on the high-tech equipment at the dam, so as to continue to reconstruct the dam for coming years,” Tueller said during a visit to the dam.

Once the dam’s reservoir reaches sufficient capacity, it will be a resource for drinking water, agriculture and generating electricity, Matthew added.

“The US provided $124 million for the US Army Corps of Engineers to serve as the "Engineer" for the project, working side by side on the $408 million contract between the Government of Iraq and Trevi,” quoting the US embassy in Baghdad as saying.

The dam is the largest dam in Iraq and is located in the western Nineveh province. The dam generates hydroelectricity and provides water for downstream irrigation.

(NRT Digital Media)