PUK ready to hold new round of government formation talks with KDP


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SULAIMANI — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is ready to hold a new round of government formation talks with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the party's spokesperson said after the parliament speaker postponed a session to amend the presidency law.

PUK Spokesperson Latif Sheikh Omer told NRT Digital Media on Tuesday (April 2) that the party was ready to continue talks with the KDP on the basis of its demands and proposals.

“If this initiative [the delay of parliament’s session] is to give another chance for an agreement between PUK and KDP, that's good and we're glad,” he said.

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Vala Farid told lawmakers that the second reading of the Region’s presidency law would be postponed until Wednesday. The Parliament had been set to hold the second reading on Tuesday afternoon.

The bill under consideration was jointly submitted by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the Change Movement (Gorran), and the reserved ministry representatives.

It would give Parliament the power to elect the president, but would leave the presidency's specific powers undetermined until a constitution is written.

(NRT Digital Media)