At least 22 arrested as Iranians protest skyrocketing food prices


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SULAIMANI — Twenty-two people were arrested on Thursday (May 12) in the cities of Dezful and Yasuj in southwest Iran during protests there over skyrocketing food prices, the country’s state-run IRNA news agency said on Friday.

Protests broke out across Iran after President Ebrahim Raisi announced this week a cut to subsidies and an increase of as much as 300 percent on items such as cooking oil, chicken, eggs and milk as part of economic measures.

A report from IRNA stated demonstrators threw rocks at police and firefighters in Andimeshk in the southwest province of Khusestan, where 200 protestors gathered.

Footage broadcast on social media purported to show police firing tear gas to disperse tense demonstrations in Khuzestan, the Associated Press reported, stating the videos were unverified.

The war in Ukraine has affected the import of cooking oil and wheat products, with Iran importing about half of its oil and wheat from Ukraine and Russia respectively.

Amateur video showed protestors chanting slogans against Raisi and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Protestors in Izeh in the south of Iran reportedly attacked shops and attempted to set fire to a mosque, according to Radio Free Europe, while president Raisi pledged aid to low-income families.

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