Five killed in clash between families over land dispute in Erbil village


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SULAIMANI — Five people were killed in a clash between two families in a village in Erbil’s Khabat district on Friday (May 13) evening, an NRT reporter said.

A father and his three sons were killed along with another relative in a fight that came as the result of a long-standing land dispute between the two families in Khabat’s Rizgari sub-district, according to the reporter.

Security forces have still not given an official statement on the incident but witnesses said four people were killed in the clash.

The reporter said a fifth person was killed after the families renewed the fight in a hospital in west Erbil.

Kwestan Ahmed, the mayor of Khabat district, told NRT the fight stemmed from an old dispute between two brothers over land, and confirmed the death of four people and the injury of another.

(NRT Digital Media)