Iraqi MP frustrated over Erbil’s continued opposition to top court ruling


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SULAIMANI — An MP from the State of Law Coalition said on Thursday (May 12) he was surprised at the insistence of the Kurdistan Regional Government’s (KRG) rejection of federal government supervision over oil and gas exports.

Wael al-Rikabi said the KRG was not committed to the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court’s verdict on the Kurdistan Region’s independent oil and gas sales, as well as issues between Baghdad and Erbil over customs revenues and regulations on health, electricity, water and taxes.

He insisted the sale of the Kurdistan Region’s oil and gas must be supervised from Baghdad.

Rikabi said the authority of the KRG is determined by the Iraqi Federal government and stated Erbil must clearly state its position on its status as part of Iraq or as an independent territory.

the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court’s verdict in February declared the KRG’s law on the independent sale of the Region’s oil and natural gas against the Iraqi constitution.

(NRT Digital Media)