Civilian severely injured in Iranian gunfire in Qandil mountain


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SULAIMANI — One civilian has been severely injured by the members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Qandil mountain of Sulaimani province, according to the Qaladze hospital directorate.

In a statement today (May 12), the directorate said that a 30-year-old civilian from Sangasar area in Sulaimani governorate was admitted to a local hospital with severe injuries.

It added that the person was in Qandil mountain to collect spring vegetables when he was shot at.

On Wednesday (May 10), Iran's Tasnim News Agency said that IRGC launched an artillery attack targeting bases of the Iranian Kurdish opposition groups in Erbil province. No casualties were reported.

Qandil Mountains is a mountainous area of the Kurdistan Region near the Iraq-Iran border where the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) has formed a base over recent years.

Iranian opposition parties, including the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan and the Democratic Party of Kurdistan, have bases in the Kurdistan Region.

(NRT Digital Media)