Explosion fells two-floor building on Sulaimani’s Salim Street


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SULAIMANI — Thirteen people were injured in a blast in a cafe in Sulaimani’s Salim Street after midnight on Thursday (May 12), the city’s health spokesperson told NRT.

The blast occurred at about 1:00 am and was due to an explosion in the cafe’s gas system that led to the collapse of the two-story building.

Civil defense teams are still searching under the remains of the building to see if anyone remains to be rescued.

The Director of Sulaimani Civil Defense, Diar Ibrahim, spoke to NRT at the scene of the incident on Thursday morning and said, "We have searched 80 percent of the remains of the building and we haven’t found anyone.”

He stated their teams are certain all the cafe’s employees are safe but are checking to make sure no unknown persons remain trapped beneath the wreckage.

(NRT Digital Media)