Arabic song broadcast over mosque loudspeakers due to technical glitch


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SULAIMANI — A mosque in Koya in Erbil governorate accidentally broadcast an Arabic song through the minaret’s loudspeakers instead of the call to prayer in a glitch caught on video and spread through social media on Friday (January 28).

"Before the Friday prayer at 11:30am the mosque broadcast the Quran through the loudspeakers as usual,” explained Jamal Abdullah, the muezzin of the mosque. "After completing the reading of the Quran, because of a technical glitch in the flash memory that was used, it was converted to an Arabic song.”

Abdullah said he quickly disconnected the flash drive from the device, adding, "This is the first time such a problem happened at this mosque.”

The Director of the Ministry of Endowment and Religious Affairs, Abdullah Anwar, said, "This case happened for the first time and the reason was a technical glitch in the flash drive memory.”

Anwar said a decision was made to use a different technique in broadcasting the call to prayer so that such issues would not be repeated.

He said there are 25 mosques in Koya district but the number of employees is low.

(NRT Digital Media)