Parliament speaker: Targeting Baghdad airport threatens Iraq’s reputation


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SULAIMANI — Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi responded to the rocket attack on Baghdad’s airport on Friday (January 28) morning, calling it a "threat to Iraq’s reputation.”

"The targeting of Baghdad International Airport represents a direct targeting of the sovereignty of the state and its facilities,” Halbousi said in a statement on Friday. "Serious work must be done to stop these terrorist practices.”

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi expressed similar sentiments, calling the attack "an attempt to undermine Iraq’s reputation.”

"Targeting the airport reveals the criminals’ insistence on striking the security of the people of Iraq, their obligations and their capabilities, and endangering their interests,” Kadhimi said in a statement.

Six missiles were fired at Baghdad International Airport and Camp Victory military base came under drone attack on Friday.

A civilian plane that was no longer in use was badly damaged in the attack.

Security Media Cell said three missiles were discovered in a launch pad in Abu Ghraib district, adding security forces were able to uncover important leads to track down the perpetrators.

(NRT Digital Media)