Head of Security Media Cell describes range of ISIS presence in Iraq


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SULAIMANI — Major General Saad Maan, the head of Iraq’s Security Media Cell, said the Islamic State (ISIS) does not have the ability to exist in large groups, Iraqi state media said on Thursday (January 27).

Maan said ISIS was prevented from gathering in greater numbers due to the effectiveness of efforts against the militant group, adding, "Air strikes are being directed against its members wherever they gather.”

"Some are trying to make ISIS terrorist gangs bigger than their size,” Maan told Iraqi News Agency (INA). "In fact, the current war is a single guerrilla war here and there.”

 Maan explained there was an Islamic State presence in Khanukah, Mutaibija and Jallab in Salahadin governorate, the Qarachokh Mountains, Zaghitun and Wadi al-Shay in Kirkuk governorate, Hawi al-Azhim in Diyala and in the area south of Makhmur.

 He noted, according to INA, that military operations have been carried out since last Sunday in the governorates of Diyala and Salahadin, including in Samarra.

 Maan also stated operations were conducted by units of the Iraqi military, Popular Mobilization Forces (Hashd al-Shaabi), intelligence agencies in the Ministry of the Interior, the Iraqi Air Force and with the cooperation of the public.

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