SDF says group of over 60 militants discovered barricaded in Ghweiran prison


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SULAIMANI — Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) said on Thursday (January 27) they discovered 60-90 armed men remaining in the northern dormitories of al-Sinaa prison in Hasaka, one day after regaining full control of the prison holding 3,500 Islamic State (ISIS) members.

"Our forces uncovered camouflaged terrorist enclaves in the prison’s northern dormitories where between 60 and 90 estimated terrorists barricaded themselves and maintain a distance,” the SDF press center said.

The SDF said their forces called for the group to surrender and the situation is currently unclear.

Kurdish forces also announced they "dealt with” an ISIS cell next to a security square in the north of Ghweiran neighborhood in Hasaka, where the prison is located, and stated two of the ISIS militants were killed.

Special Forces from SDF arrested three ISIS members in the countryside east of Deir ez-Zor on Thursday, North Press Agency reported. Internal Security Forces (ISF) arrested five others on Wednesday in the countryside west of the city, on charges of providing funds for ISIS.

The city of Hasaka is still under curfew, according to North Press.

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