PM Kadhimi visits Iraq-Syria border, says forces prepared


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SULAIMANI — Mustafa al-Kadhimi, the Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, said security forces are fully prepared after visiting the country’s border zone with Syria on Wednesday (January 26).

Kadhimi said he visited the Iraq-Syria border and Sinjar district to observe the area and hold meetings on the Iraqi army and security forces’ preparation in the face of an attack.

He also stated Iraqi forces are ready to protect the country’s security.

Yehia Rasool, the Spokesperson for the Commander-in-Chief, said on Saturday security forces have taken measures to secure the border following the mass prison break-out attempt in Hasaka.

Rasool said the border was secure with thermal cameras, barbed wire and a trench.

West Nineveh Operations Command said on Friday militants from Syrian prisons would not be able to cross the border, according to state media.

The Iraqi army said on January 14 a 3-m deep trench had been completed on the country’s border with Syria, secured with drones and thermal cameras.

(NRT Digital Media)