Iraqi Supreme Court rejects appeal against first parliament session


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SULAIMANI — The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court on Tuesday (January 25) rejected the appeal of the first session of parliament and canceled the state order to stop the work of the presidency.

MPs Basem Khashan and Mahmoud Daoud filed the appeal on January 13, claiming there were legal and constitutional violations during the first session of the Iraqi Parliament.

The appeal resulted in the suspension of Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halbousi and his two deputies, Hakim al-Zamili and Shakhawan Abdullah, who were elected during the first session of parliament that was held on January 9, which came following elections on October 10, 2021.

The first parliament session was ruled legitimate on Tuesday, as well as Halbousi’s nomination as speaker, an NRT correspondent stated following the ruling.

"The Federal Court ruled MP Khaled al-Daraji presiding over the first parliament session, does not contradict the provisions of the constitution,” the NRT reporter explained, adding the court decided to cancel the state order for the temporary suspension of the work of the parliament presidium.

Daraji took the role of interim speaker over the first session of the Iraqi Parliament after Mahmoud al-Mashhadani collapsed during a disruption of parliament on January 9 when a scuffle broke out between MPs from the Sadrist Movement and the Coordination Framework.

Following the first session, the Iraqi Parliament has 30 days to elect a new president.

(NRT Digital Media)