KRG announces limited reopening of border with Rojava

Pontoon bridge at Semalka. 18 October 2015. Photo: Janet Biehl

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SULAIMANI — The head of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Foreign Media Relations, Lawk Ghafuri, said on Sunday (January 23) the Semalka/Fish Khabur border crossing between the Kurdistan Region and Rojava will reopen on a limited basis for trade.

Ghafuri said the Semalka border will reopen fully in the "coming days.”

The KRG agreed to reopen the crossing to allow for the passage of humanitarian aid after more than a month of mediation from the US, al-Monitor reported on Thursday.

The border was closed on December 15 after clashes between members of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth (Ciwanen Soresger) and KRG security officials that broke out during a protest at the border.

(NRT Digital Media)