PUK affirms its right to nominate candidate to presidency


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SULAIMANI — The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) General Leadership Council reiterated its right to nominate its own candidate for the position of president of Iraq during a party meeting on Sunday (January 23).

The council said in a statement the PUK will fully support its candidate, Barham Salih, for the position, which the party said belongs by right to a Kurd.

The statement also claimed the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) was against the unity of the Kurdish people, stating the party had nominated its own candidate and signed an agreement with some political parties on the issue.

The PUK and KDP met on Friday to reach an agreement on nominating one candidate for the position of the presidency but the meeting concluded without reaching a resolution.

Less than 20 days remain for the Iraqi Parliament to elect a candidate, according to the constitution. The candidate needs to win the votes of two-thirds of parliament.

(NRT Digital Media)