Syrian government accuses SDF, US of war crimes in Hasaka


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SULAIMANI — Syria’s Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Saturday (January 22) claimed US forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces were guilty of war crimes during clashes to contain an Islamic State (ISIS) prison break in Hasaka, Syrian Arab News Agency said.

The ministry said it condemned "actions that caused the displacement [of] thousands of Syrian citizens” and called on US forces to withdraw from the country.

The Syrian regime accused both ISIS and SDF "gangs” of massacring civilians and destroying infrastructure in Hasaka, according to a ministry statement cited by SANA.

Syrian government media claimed the SDF was forcing civilians to flee neighborhoods in Hasaka with the aid of US aircraft. SANA noted a coalition airstrike targeting a technical institute building in the city, where ISIS militants had taken shelter.

Clashes between Kurdish forces and ISIS militants have been ongoing since Thursday night when car bomb and motorbike explosions struck near the entrance of al-Sinaa prison while oil tankers exploded near a fuel depot as part of a coordinated attempt to free the thousands of ISIS members at the prison.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby confirmed on Friday the US was assisting the SDF with air strikes.

Some civilians were killed when ISIS members demanded they give them shelter. The SDF and ISF were trying to secure safe paths for residents to escape the clashes, North Press Agency stated.

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