SDF captures nearly 90 inmates following prison break attempt in Hasaka


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SULAIMANI — Clashes between Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Islamic State (ISIS) members continued on Friday (January 21) in Hasaka after militants from a sleeper cell tried to free inmates from a prison in the neighborhood of Ghweiran.

The SDF media center said its forces managed to capture 89 inmates who had managed to escape from the al-Sinaa Prison, which houses ISIS members. They also reported at noon on Friday that clashes were still ongoing in the area of the prison.

SDF-affiliated Hawar News Agency said civilians were killed in clashes when ISIS members demanded they give them shelter.

The SDF press stated militants were preventing nearly 300 families from fleeing the neighborhood of al-Zuhour, west of the prison.

There were also reports of clashes among inmates at the prison, with some trying to surrender to security forces. At least five inmates were killed, according to the SDF, including one man of Chinese or East Asian origin.

Aircraft from coalition forces were providing support to the SDF during the clashes, media affiliated with the Kurdish forces stated.

Car bomb and motorbike explosions struck near the entrance of al-Sinaa prison in Ghweiran on Thursday as part of an attempt to free inmates, Hawar news reported, while oil tankers exploded at a fuel depot in order to prevent visibility from aircraft.

Clashes broke out between security forces and ISIS sleeper cells who came from adjacent areas, the SDF media office said.

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