Dana Gas responds to demand for cancellation of its contract


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SULAIMANI — Dana Gas Company responded on Monday (January 17) to accusations the company is responsible for a gas shortage in the Kurdistan Region, stating they have provided fuel to the Region for over a decade.

The head of the New Generation Movement (NGM) bloc in the Iraqi Parliament, Srwa Abdulwahid, demanded on Sunday the cancellation of Dana Gas’s contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government KRG), blaming the company for the Region’s shortage of gas.

The company said Dana Gas and Crescent Petroleum Co. have together for the past 14 years provided gas to the Kurdistan Region’s electricity stations, which produce 80 percent of the Region’s electricity.

Dana Gas also said 16,000 barrels of condensate oil and 1,000 tons of gas are produced daily and Crescent Petroleum Co. intends to increase production by 55 percent in 2023.

"Our investments have resulted in savings in fuel costs of $20 billion,” Dana Gas said.

Abdulwahid said on Sunday Dana Gas has increased its production but added residents of the Kurdistan Region were still suffering from a gas shortage crisis.

(NRT Digital Media)