Snowfall shuts down government offices in parts of Kurdistan Region


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SULAIMANI — Administrative offices called off work in parts of the Kurdistan Region on Monday (January 17) due to snowfall and severe winter weather.

The governor of Halabja province announced a day-off for all governmental institutes because of the snow.

Ehsan Chalabi, the mayor of Sidakan sub-district in Erbil, announced government offices were closed on Monday due to the snow, the severe cold temperatures and difficulty of transportation.

The town of Qasre in Erbil province also announced administrative offices would be closed for the day.

Sulaimani made the decision to stay open, announcing, "Today will be an official workday … and we will decide on the other days according to the weather.”

The Governor of Sulaimani, Haval Abubakir, stated employees in nine administrations are receiving their salaries today and that calling the day off would have adverse effects.

Classes are suspended in Sulaimani starting tomorrow and will remain shut down until Saturday. Government employees will be off for at least two days.

(NRT Digital Media)