Facebook says Belarus created fake accounts to stir-up migrant crisis


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SULAIMANI — Facebook parent company Meta has removed over 40 accounts from Facebook and Instagram that it believes were connected to the Belarusian KGB and were posing as journalists and activists to create agitation against Poland over the country’s migrant crisis at the border, Reuters said on Thursday (December 2).

A Meta report on Wednesday said the social media profiles were posting videos and photos with criticism of Poland’s treatment of migrants in English, Kurdish and Polish.

The company also suspended accounts originating in Poland that were allegedly creating fake personas with the intent to spread information that discouraged people in Belarus and Iraq from trying to enter Poland by sharing negative experiences, Reuters reported.

Thousands of people from Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are currently waiting on Belarus’ border with Poland, caught between Belarusian authorities trying to use them against European countries that have been critical of Minsk’s human rights records and European Union countries trying to prevent irregular migration.

(NRT Digital Media)