Jailed reporter Guhdar Zebari transferred to prison

Detained journalist Guhdar Zebari (file)

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SULAIMANI — Detained journalist Guhdar Zebari was transferred from Erbil security to Erbil Reform Prison on Thursday (December 2), Bashdar Hassan, the head of his defense team said.

"It is necessary to thank the efforts of Mona Yaqu, head of the independent human rights group in the Kurdistan Region who has played a significant role in this regard,” Hassan said, speaking of the transfer.

There were concerns over Zebari’s possible treatment under Asayish detention.

On Wednesday, Hassan said another charge was filed against his client after a firearm was allegedly found in his vehicle.

Zebari denied owning the weapon in the presence of a judge from Erbil’s Asayish investigative court.

(NRT Digital Media)