Poland restricts access to Belarusian border zone for three months

Migrants in a camp on the Belarusian-Polish border in the Grodno region on 20 November 2021 (AFP)

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SULAIMANI — Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kaminski said on Wednesday (December 1) that a three-month ban has been imposed on entry of unauthorized individuals to areas bordering Belarus that will come into force on Thursday.

"From tomorrow, three decrees concerning the protection of the eastern border will come into force. The most important of these is the ban on staying in the area where the state of emergency was still in force,” Kaminski said in a tweet.

According to a decree published on Tuesday night, the ban will be applied to 183 populated areas, located within 3 km from the border with Belarus.

In response to increased influx of migrants, Poland imposed a 30-day state of emergency on the border sector with Belarus on September 2, to be later extended to 60 days until December 2, to prevent anyone except border guards and other security forces from reaching the area.

Thousands of people from Iraq and the Kurdistan Region are currently waiting on Belarus’ border with Poland, caught between Belarusian authorities trying to use them against European countries that have been critical of Minsk’s human rights records and European Union countries trying to prevent irregular migration.

(NRT Digital Media)