Parliamentarians push KRG to address demands of non-contract teachers

Head of the Kurdistan Parliament’s Education Committee Abdulsalam Dolamari on October 23, 2021 (NRT Digital Media/Screenshot)

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SULAIMANI — Head of the Kurdistan Parliament’s Education Committee Abdulsalam Dolamari told NRT on Saturday (October 23) that the committee has called on the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to give permanent contracts to some of the non-contract teachers based on the retirement of the permanent teachers.

Non-contract teachers in the Kurdistan Region have been on strike for more than two weeks now, demanding full contracts and equal pay and benefits for equal work with their colleagues who have full contracts.

Dolamari said that the KRG will answer the committee’s proposal in the next few days.

He said that as first step, the KRG’s decision to allocate a fund for the teachers will be implemented, adding that in the future the committee will focus more on the demands and rights of teachers.

The KRG instituted a number of austerity measures in response to a financial crisis that began in in 2014, including creating an employment status known as "non-contract,” where teachers are paid a lump sum per class and do not receive benefits.

Their pay is lower than teachers on full contracts or those with "on-bond” status despite doing the same jobs.

There are an estimated 21,000 non-contract teachers working in the Kurdistan Region.

(NRT Digital Media)