KRG makes urgent allocation for health facilities in Raparin administration


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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) announced on Thursday (October 21) that it will allocate 400 million Iraqi dinars ($274,000) for the health sector in the Raparin administration.

On Tuesday, the New Generation Movement sent a number of hospital beds to Zhian Hospital in Chwarqurna in an attempt to deal with a bed shortage at the facility.

In a statement published online, the KRG said that the allocation was to provide urgent assistance to health facilities in the northern districts of Sulaimani governorate.

Of the total, 250 million Iraqi dinars ($171,300) will be used to install medical devices and piped oxygen at the 100-bed Zhian Hospital.

The remaining 150 million ($102,800) will be used on general supplies for facilities in the administration.

When the New Generation Movement attempted to deliver the beds at the hospital, they were not accepted for political reasons despite the need.

(NRT Digital Media)