New Generation slams parties seeking to join KDP, PUK in government


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SULAIMANI — The New Generation Movement said in a statement on Sunday (January 20) that it would view parties who took part in the new cabinet as being part of the Kurdistan Region’s governance problem.

“We, the New Generation Movement, are a real opposition power who will reject meetings with the PUK and the KDP because being in opposition does not mean working with the ruling parties to secure money, posts or any personal and partisan interests [for oneself],” it said in the statement.

New Generation added that it would not ally with any party who met with both ruling parties, saying that any party that wants to be “on the people’s side” should avoid working with the ruling duopoly and the families that control them.

“The further you are from the PUK and the KDP, the closer you are to the citizens.”

“Our whole aim is to form a bloc against the ruling parties so that the other parties do not meet with the PUK and KDP and do not participate in their government’s cabinet. We view any party as actual partners with the PUK and KDP if they do so because that sort of action enables the ruling parties to be indifferent to the people’s problems,” the statement added.

The statement appeared to come in response to reports that the Secretary General of the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), Salahadin Bahadin, met with KDP President Masoud Barzani on Sunday

(NRT Digital Media)