Kurdish asylum seekers protest overcrowding in Greek camp

Photo: AP

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SULAIMANI – About 100 asylum-seekers are protesting outside a camp in northern Greece to draw attention to overcrowding and poor housing conditions there.

The mostly Kurdish protesters, including many children, held up placards at the entrance to the Diavata camp in the peaceful protest on Wednesday (May 23).

The camp contains prefabricated homes for about 750 people, but its population has grown to 1,850 amid increased immigration flows, mostly across Greece’s northeastern land border with Turkey.

Greek officials have started reopening camps created to deal with the immigration crisis of 2015, in which more than a million people reached the country on their way to Europe’s affluent heartland.

Most of these camps were later closed as their occupants were found rented accommodation in Greek cities or relocated to other European countries.

As the weather gets warmer and it is easier to travel, more migrants and refugees are expected to try to reach Europe with Greece as a typical first stop.