KRG Asayish forces kidnapped Chaldean mayor in Nineveh Plains: Christian council

‘Iraqi Christians are under severe attack’

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SULAIMANI — The Iraqi Christian Human Rights Council on Monday (July 16) accused Kurdish security forces of kidnapping the Chaldean Christian Mayor of Al-Qosh town, Faiz Jahwary, in the Nineveh Plains region.

The Christian Human Rights Council said the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Asayish (security) forces had also beaten Jahwary and that they threatened him if he continued as mayor of the town.

“Iraqi Christians are under severe attack,” the Christian Human Rights Council, which represents Iraqi Christians internationally and promotes the rights of Middle East Christians, tweeted.

“The KRG will not tell Chaldeans who will be the leaders of our Catholic Christian towns … Kurdistan Asayish forces kidnap, beat up & threaten the life of a #Chaldean #Christian Mayor.”

The council said the Iraqi Christians need international protection.

“They [Kurdish security forces] terrorize Christians within our own towns,” it added.

Jahwary was dismissed from his position as mayor of al-Qosh in July of last year and Lara Yousif Zara, a member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), was appointed to the position.

In October 2017, an Iraqi court annulled the decision of his dismissal and he returned to the position.