No truth to rumors that budget transfers from Baghdad suspended: Hadad

Deputy Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Bashir Hadad (File)

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SULAIMANI — Deputy Speaker of the Council of Representatives Bashir Hadad said on Tuesday (February 18) that the federal government will continue to send the Kurdistan Region’s budget share, tamping down on rumors that salary transfers had been suspended.

“We assure the people and employees in Kurdistan Region that there is no danger concerning their salaries,” Hadad said in a statement.

“The Kurdistan Region’s budget share will continue to be sent by Baghdad in accordance with the 2019 budget law and, when the 2020 budget law comes to the Council of Representatives, we will try to the increase the Region’s share,” he added.

Hadad said that the rumors were an effort “to install fear in the hearts of the citizens” and that federal government had the funding to continue to make payments despite the ongoing political crisis in Baghdad.

(NRT Digital Media)