Islamic State hideout found near Kirkuk: police

ISIS hideout near Kirkuk, found by the Iraqi police.

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SULAIMANI — The  federal police announced on Saturday (August 17) that it had uncovered an Islamic State (ISIS) hideout in Kirkuk's al-Rashad subdistrict.

The site had been used to store material to support the group's activities in the Hamrin mountains. The police said that it had seized food, clothes, vehicle parts, and motorcycles from the cache.

ISIS militants conquered the al-Rashad district and took over the town of Hawija in June 2014 and held it until the police and Hashd al-Shaabi liberated it in October 2017.

The security forces recently captured several members of ISIS cells in Kirkuk, including a senior official who was responsible to food distribution in Hawija.

(NRT Digital Media)