Fallujah mayor pens letter of apology after ethnic Kurd threatened in city

Restaurant owner standing next to members of the local police in Fallujah. (Photo: The municipality’s Social Media)

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SULAIMANI — Mayor of Fallujah Issa Saer al-Assawi apologized on Saturday (August 17) about an attack on an ethnic Kurd while he was working a restaurant in the city.

On August 15, the man, who was wearing traditional Kurdish clothes, was threatened on  by a number of individuals, who have since been arrested.

In an open letter addressed to the people of the Kurdistan Region, he said that the incident was related to a personal conflict and that that it did not reflect the values of the city as a whole.

Al-Assawi added that the municipality had helped facilitate paperwork for the restaurant and that the attackers would be punished according to the law.

(NRT Digital Media)