Rizgar Ali appointed as new PUK elections chief

Replacing new Peshmerga Minister Shorsh Ismail
The new PUK Election Establishment head, Rizgar Ali

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SULAIMANI — The political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) appointed Rizgar Ali as the new official in charge of elections for the party on Saturday (August 17).

Spokesperson for the PUK's election establishment Bryar Rashid told party-affiliated media that Ali would start work on Sunday.

The position became vacant when previous elections chief Shorsh Ismail became the new minister for Peshmerga affairs in the Kurdistan Regional Government cabinet.

While new elections for the Council of Representatives in Baghdad or the Kurdistan Parliament in Erbil are not due for several years, provincial elections outside the Kurdistan Region's governorates are scheduled for April 2020.

Despite the objections of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, voters in Kirkuk are expected to cast ballots in that round.

Local elections in the Kurdistan Region are also long-overdue, but have not yet been scheduled.

(NRT Digital Media)