Over three million tourists visited Kurdistan Region in 2018: tourism board

Revenue reached $955 million
A general view of Rawanduz, located 107 km northeast of Erbil. Photo/General Board of Tourism

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SULAIMANI — The Kurdistan Region’s General Board of Tourism said more than three million tourists had visited the region last year, bringing the revenue to $955 million.

The general board released statistics of tourism for 2018 in the Kurdistan Region on Wednesday (June 19) and compared it to 2007.

As many as 3,057,642 tourists had visited the Kurdistan Region in 2018, the general board said. The number was 277,000 in 2007.

Tourism revenue reached $955 million USD in 2018 while it was only $90 million in 2007, according to the general board’s statistics.  

There are 483 tourist companies in the region which are working to bring tourists to the Kurdistan Region, it said.

“The increase of the number of tourists and revenue is due to a master plan that started in 2013 and will continue until 2025,” the general board added.   

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will build 76 tourist projects and four more strategic tourist projects in the Kurdistan Region during the period, according to the general board of tourism.

The Kurdish General Board of Tourism said in January that more than 136,000 tourists visited the Kurdistan Region for the New Year holiday in December and January this year.

The KRG has plans to make the tourism sector a major revenue source by launching development projects and attracting foreigners to the Region, according to authorities.

(NRT Digital Media)