Turkmen political parties in Kurdistan Region urge PKK Sinjar exit

Turkmen political parties in Kurdistan Region urge PKK Sinjar exit
2 months ago

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SULAIMANI – Turkmen political parties based in the Kurdistan Region released a statement on Sunday (March 19) urging the immediate exit of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) from Sinjar.

The joint declaration, signed by the Turkmen Development Party, Turkmen Democratic Party, Turkmen Liberal Association, Turkmen Salvation Party, Turkmen Democratic Movement, Turkmen People's Party, and Turkmen Culture Association, said that the PKK posed a security threat in the region.

“All armed groups in the region should be under the KRG's order and act in line with our security system," the statement said being cited by Anadolu Agency.

“[The PKK poses] security threats and pave the way for instability and conflict in the region," it added.

Tensions have been running high in Sinjar district in recent weeks between rival Kurdish factions which culminated in deadly armed clashes between KDP-loyal Roj Peshmerga forces, and PKK-affiliated Sinjar Resistance Units (YBS) on March 3.

In the wake of the clashes, a woman was killed on March 14 after protesters arrived at Roj Peshmerga frontlines to demonstrate against the rising tensions and violence.

The armed force then opened fire and used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, killing one woman and injuring 15 other protesters including two journalists.