Groundwater has decreased in Kurdistan Region, ministry says

Groundwater has decreased in Kurdistan Region, ministry says
5 days ago

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SULAIMANI – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources has said that groundwater has decreased in the Kurdistan Region as the region lacks dams and rain.

Following research on groundwater in the Kurdistan Region, the ministry announced on Wednesday (January 11) that up to 516 water sources and 997 water springs as well as a number of wells have dried up.

The ministry said the groundwater decrease would have a “bad effect” on the life of people, and agricultural projects, in the Kurdistan Region.

One of the reasons for the decease is related to illegal drilling of wells in the region, the ministry said. Up to 22,560 wells have been drilled illegally in the Kurdistan Region according to statistics compiled up to June 2016.

Erbil officials said the governorate needs 1,500 wells but more than 11,000 wells have been illegally drilled.

“We are continuously seizing the tools to drill wells in the three provinces [of the Kurdistan Region] and we send them to iron factories to melt them,” Mohammed Aziz, director of groundwater affairs at the Directorate of Water Resources, told NRT.

According to some, such as groundwater expert Amin Barzinji, awareness campaigns around the need to not waste water should be increased in the region.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Water resources said it has seized well drilling tools through its committees and has warned of illegal well drilling. It added all the tools have been destroyed and their owners were punished.