Erdogan aide slams U.S. for saying SDF has no links to PKK

Erdogan aide slams U.S. for saying SDF has no links to PKK
4 months ago

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SULAIMANI – The assistant and press secretary to the Turkish President, Ibrahim Kalin, has slammed U.S. Central Command on Twitter today (January 12) after Central Command, which is part of the U.S Ministry of Defense, said Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) were not affiliated.

“Is this a joke or @CENTCOM has lost its senses? Do you believe anyone will buy this? The US must stop trying to legitimize a terrorist group” the presidential aide tweeted in response to a U.S. Central Command tweet on Wednesday (January 11).

In that tweet, Central Command posted a statement from the SDF’s General Command denying any link between them and the PKK.

The SDF – comprised of Kurdish and Arab fighters and backed by the U.S.-led Coalition – has been fighting ISIS in northern Syria. Turkey accuses one of the founding groups of the SDF, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG), of being affiliated to the PKK – a group the Turkish state has been fighting a three decade long conflict with in the southeast of the country.

"We as the Kurdish, Arabian, Turkmen, Assyrian and Syrian factions under the umbrella of the Syrian Democratic Forces, we are confirming that our force is not a part of the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) which some regional governments are claiming to be but we are considering our self as part of Syrian nation and Syrian land," the SDF statement read.

“We are seeking to build a strong relationship on the concepts of mutual respect with all neighbouring countries, to include [sic] Turkey,” the statement also added.